Saturday, July 26, 2008

Amy Reads the Week (of July 27th, 2008)

Unfortunately, Gentle Reader, that title is A Misnomer. I have not read that much at all, as I am still deep in the throes of teaching, teaching, teaching. But I have seen the new X-Files movie, and while I found it Not Bad, I did not find it All That X-Files-Y (if that makes sense). What I did find it was Fantastically Distracting, and a Welcome Relief from my current pedagogical efforts.

And, of course, a Welcome Relief from my current Less Than Two Weeks Before Graduation And Thus Something Must Be Wrong Anxiety--a misplaced form, an unpaid bill, a forgotten application somewhere--which is, of course, Part and Parcel with the fabulousness of One Amy Reads. Please continue to post those Comic Con Reviews, Friends, so that I might live vicariously!

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NoelCT said...

As a reader still new to your blog, let me take this time to not only say what a great piece of work it is, but to offer a sincere congratulations to you on the upcoming graduation.

As for your lack of reading, at least you have some genuine excuses. I just get caught up in a chain of Wikipedia articles before realising "Oh crap! I just lost 4 hours!"