Monday, February 23, 2009

In Which This Humble Author Briefly Peeks Out To Say Hello

I miss comics, Gentle Reader.

I do.

I buy. Mr. Reads buys. I even purchase the delightful Barda action figure, and have the Classic Silk Spectre on order at My Local. We are ready, and desperately so, for the Watchmen movie to open.

I teach comics, in trade, but comics.

But I have not read comics in some time.

That means there is no RIP in my Batman, no Wonder in my Woman, no Secret Six or any other number at all.

I am Rather Busy, certainly. I have been baking, and cooking, all to relieve stress. But I *miss* comics. Palpably. With deep and personal longing.

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, and thus Wednesday begins Lent for this New Orleans Catholic. And while Lent is often a time of denial, it can also be the time of goals and challenges.

So there is this, then, Friends, a challenge, to myself, to Return To Comics, to Return to Blogging, and to remember that despite the busy-ness of life, one must enjoy said life, no?

Until then, Gentle Reader, laissez les bon temps roulez, and Happy Mardi Gras!