Thursday, July 03, 2008

Amy Reads at the Movies (and the television)

What a week for movies it has been, Gentle Reader! Sister-in-law Reads is in town visiting, and We Reads have done lots to keep her entertained. Yesterday we went to see Wall-E, which is, in Mr. Reads's words, a movie that will be a favorite for the rest of our lives. Today we went to see Hancock, which despite its glaring and Rather Large Flaws, was Super-Fun, and actually, in the end, Rather Smart. The problem is, of course, that the Rather Smartness of it wars with its Super-Funness, so that neither gets the appropriate amount of screen-time, and both in the end feel a bit jumbled.

That is not to say that it was not good. It was, Friends. Very good. I enjoyed it Quite A Bit, actually. The mythos, the world-building was Rather Remarkable. But seeing it a mere day after seeing Wall-E, it could only expect to Fall Short in Eyes Reads.

Other viewings have included DVDs Vantage Point and more Wire in the Blood, and we will most likely continue Wire in the Blood and finish it before summer scheduling begins. That means, of course, Project Runway, Burn Notice, Eureka, and Generation Kill.

In other news, We Reads are taking a mini-vacation, and as such, I will not Read the Week this week. Please join me next week when I review my last week as a Free Woman before second summer session begins! Until then, have a lovely American Independence Day, a happy Belated Canada Day, and enjoy the three-day weekend!


Ana said...

funny, I found this site this week it has video lists about anything. The best movies video list is great!

Batman said...

You should've seen Hancock 1st :)

The things that were missing from it probably came from the fact that there are scenes that are missing, as the trailer contains things that aren't in the movie itself. This comes from the need to be a 96 minute movie when it finally makes its way to TV.

Wall-E was too much propaganda for me to completely enjoy.

Evie said...

I also was more impressed by Hancock than I expected, although agree that the smart and funness got in each others' way a bit. But the smartness was at a higher level than anticipated, and I would have loved to see it fleshed out into a full-fledged, like, Neil Gaiman novel or something.

aggie_bibliophile said...

Have a wonderful vacation!