Tuesday, April 07, 2009

In Action (Figure) News...

I do not often Wax Poetic on the fantasticness that is Mr. Reads, Gentle Reader, but tonight, I am tempted to do so, as My Darling Husband found, for me, variant Barda without helmet.

This is, in and of itself, Wonderful News, but what this means for a relationship in which two people collect action figures?

It means that I Got The Variant.

And he did not.

That, My Friends, is true Geek Love.

Of course, not in the Katherine Dunn sense. More in the "I collect action figures, and so does my husband" sense.

Of course, it also means that Barda with helmet now lives in my office at school, along with a Wonder Woman and a Harley Quinn. Is it any wonder my students believe me a nerd?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wonder Twin Powers: Activated?

Gentle Reader, anyone headed to San Diego Comic Con?

Anyone want to help This Humble Author fulfill an action figure dream?