Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Comics in (Very!) Brief

No, not an actual post, Gentle Reader, but a few comments.

1) Why o why did Mr. Reads not make me read Ultra sooner? Egad, it is Fantastic!

2) I adore, absolutely adore Avengers: The Initiative. It feels as if it is the natural Avengers bookend to Academy X. Young Avengers, my All-Time Favorite teen Avengers highlight, feels as something Completely Different. And why yes, I am collections behind, but I plan to catch up Rather Shortly!

3) No, I have not read Wonder Woman yet. No, I have not gotten to My Local to pick up my now Very Large Backlog of Comics. I think this makes me a Very Bad Wonder Woman Fan AND a Very Bad Gail Simone Fan Indeed. It is tragic, Friends, the amount of work under which I labour. Very little fun reading At All gets accomplished in the Reads Household. Tragic, tragic, tragic.

4) I find myself oddly giddy about the new Star Trek movie, more so about the Wonder Woman animated, and even more so yet about Watchmen. Oh yes, Watchmen.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I *have* been neglectful, Gentle Reader, not only to You, but to Comics, as well. But I *am* going to rectify this, and I *am* going to pick up a month's worth of comics backlog (!!!) this weekend, and finally get back into the groove of things. Please, Friends, just a few more days of patience, and I promise to review comics once again!