Sunday, May 25, 2008

Amy Reads the Week (of May 25th, 2008)

The count is on, Gentle Reader, as I defend My Dissertation on Thursday, yes, this Thursday. Several years of my academic life come down to this week, a mere four days into the future, and I must confess, I am Rather Nervous.

That is to say, not Nervous about the Dissertation, because who knows the material better than its author, the Humble One before you? Instead, I am Nervous about Being Nervous: Amy Reads does not crack under pressure, but she does ripple and bend on occasion.

So to distract myself from such nervousness, and as a complement to the days spent rereading my dissertation and preparing for my defense, Mr. Reads and I have watched the entire first and second seasons of David Mamet's The Unit. I adore Mamet as a playright--Oleanna is quite the heavy hitter--and as a screenwriter he is Rather Extraordinary. The Unit, particularly in those episodes written by Mamet Himself (marked, of course, by repeating dialogue: "This is what we're going to do--*this* is what we're going to do," for example), is nothing short of genius. And there is, of course, the genius of Dennis Haysbert to consider.

But unfortunately, The Unit is now just another show in a long list of stressful and nerve-wracking television shows on the Reads Family Watch List. Lost, The Office, Battlestar Galactica, Mr. Reads and I cannot seem to find a fun and happy television show. Or perhaps, the more likely scenario, we cannot find one we like. One could argue for 30 Rock or even The Office as fun and happy, but I would argue with Said Arguing. There is nothing, nothing, Gentle Reader, relaxing and fun about The Office or 30 Rock. Funny, yes, hilarious, certainly, but never relaxing or fun.

So to relieve the tension of the tension-relief The Unit was, originally, planned to be, Mr. Reads and I took a break to watch Air Guitar Nation. That, Friends, definitely accomplished the job.

By this time next week, Gentle Reader, I will, hopefully, be able to ask you In All Seriousness to address me as Dr. Reads rather than Ms. Reads. While I would never be so presumptuous with you, Friends (never!), I would be presumptuous enough to ask that if you be so inclined, please wish This Humble Author Luck, particularly of the beneficial kind.

Until then, adieu.


AcadeMama said...

Sending you lots of wonderful wishes for a most Brilliant Defense! Can't wait to celebrate with *and* for you :)

Fanboy said...

Good luck Amy. You'll get through just fine.

Mana G said...

Good luck! Does this mean I should have been calling you "Master Reads" all this time?

SallyP said...

Good luck Amy. Is this what Dorothy Sayers calls a "viva voce"? I'm sure that you'll perform brilliantly.

Amy Reads said...

Hello Friends,
Thank you all for your well wishes! As later posts attest, it was none of it in vain. Huzzah!