Saturday, May 03, 2008

Amy Reads the Week (Early! on May 3rd, 2008)

And that, Gentle Reader, is how you make a Superhero Movie.

That is, I turned in the draft of my introduction yesterday, and took a (very!) brief break from revision to celebrate the completion of the entirety of my dissertation--in bad draft or no--by going with Mr. Reads to pick up our free comics, and to go see Iron Man.

Friends, what can I say about the movie experience? I adored it. Absolutely, utterly, and completely. But I can only say so much before I just need to tell you all to Go See It For Yourselves. Instead, I offer you this anecdote:

About halfway through the movie, right when The Suit shows up for the first time, I glanced around the theater. Over half the people were smiling. Just smiling, at the screen, for no particular reason. Nothing overtly funny had happened, no quips, no jokes, no crashes. Just big grins for a fun and lovely movie.

When I glanced at Mr. Reads, I saw that he was smiling, too.

Then I realized that *I* was smiling, as well, and there we were, the all of us in a theater, near-packed, smiling with utter joy over the Iron Man movie.

Last week, Gentle Reader, of visions and revisions before the taking of toast and tea (gratitude, Mr. Eliot). Then, the Dissertation, in its Final Completed Draft, will go to The Committee before my Defense at the end of the month. I promise reviews of Gail Simone's Wonder Woman #19 and Jon Favreau's Iron Man once it is all complete.

Until then, Friends, adieu!

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Melanie said...

I absolutely loved Iron Man myself. Glad to know there were a few other females out there enjoying the comic book movies! We had a great trailer for Dark Knight.