Sunday, April 13, 2008

Amy (really doesn't have the time to) Reads the Week (of April 13th, 2008)

Gentle Reader, I've a chapter to revise by Thursday, yes, Thursday, and a few meetings this upcoming week to make it just that much more Difficult. So I must be Rather Silent this week despite the fact that 1) I've read Gail Simone's Wonder Woman #19 and thought it Absolutely Brilliant (who else but Ms. Simone can make me eat crow regarding Tom Tresser in just one month, and make me laugh *and* cry in just one final panel?), 2) I finished Jim Butcher's Small Favor and thought it Absolutely Brilliant (truly, his best Harry Dresden novel yet), and 3) both The Office and 30 Rock have returned to us (Jim! Pam! Jack! Liz Lemon! That's what she said!). Never mind the fact that Mr. Reads and I have a Large Stack of comics to be read this week, nor the fact that my Trinity Wonder Woman is just lovely and is begging for a Post of Her Own.

Never mind the pop culture. Here comes the Dissertation.

Wish me luck, Friends! It seems I'm Suffering under the Suffragettes at the moment, for the second (!) time this year.


Robert Jones, Jr. said...


I demand a full-out review of WONDER WOMAN #19! : )

SallyP said...

Well, good luck with the REAL world stuff to do. And yes, Wonder Woman was lovely. Just lovely.