Sunday, April 20, 2008

Amy Reads the Week (of April 20th, 2008)

Still dissertating, Gentle Reader, so neither reading nor writing anything for pleasure. Mr. Reads, however, is thrilled over the Toy News leaking out of New York's Comic-Con, and I will insist on buying the Wonder Woman and the Artemis figures when they come out. Mr. Reads will, I believe, Buy Them All, so send Kind Thoughts to the Reads Checking Account!

Also, lovely to hear about the General Fantasticness of some of my favorite writers, like Mr. Geoff Johns and Ms. Gail Simone, courtesy of this delightful blogger, found courtesy of the delightful women at When Fangirls Attack!

Gentle Reader, I long to go to a Comic Convention and meet all of my Favorite Writers and watch My Darling Husband swoon over the Latest Toys. Why, o why must they all be So Far Away?

While it has been demanded that I write a full review of Wonder Woman #19, I must beg off just a little longer, Friends (Apologies, Robert!). This Humble, Last (!) Chapter is due by the Not-So-Humble Date of As-Soon-As-Possible (but no later than May 1st), so I promise a double review of Wonder Woman #19 and #20 next month, once the dissertating is done.

Until then, might I direct your attention to the happiest blogging news I've had in a year? That is right, Gentle Reader: Loren at One Diverse Comic Book Nation has returned to the blogging world. Please join me in offering up a Huzzah! and welcome Loren back to a blogging community that Missed Him Terribly.


Loren said...


Thanks for the welcome back, Amy. I've missed you as well and look forward to getting back involved!

We have GOT to get you and Mr. Reads to a'd LOVE it!

Robert Jones, Jr. said...

Well, a dissertation is a valid reason for putting off the review. However, once that is done and out of the way and you've reasonably recovered from academic overload, I will expect a WONDER WOMAN review verily.

Sorry. I just love your writing.

: )

Evie said...

Howdy, and many thanks for the kind words and linkage! And yes, conventions are super fun until you suddenly want to run as far and as fast as possible.

Mana G said...

Good luck on yourt dissertating! Know that I sympathize; I'm presenting my M.A. thesis TODAY! (Egads!)

Fanboy said...

Good luck on that dissertation. Although I love me my Gail, Geoff Johns just isn't doing it for me. His fingerprints are all over DC's events which, I contend, since Infinite Crisis, are overwrought (sp?), confusing, and cater too much to fanboys (yes, I realize the irony of my saying that). Please give me a reason to start to like him again.

Evie said...

Here's two reasons: Booster Gold.