Sunday, April 06, 2008

Amy Reads the Week (of April 6th, 2008)

Yesterday was a Rather Productive Day, Gentle Reader, and as happens on most Rather Productive Days, come night, Mr. Reads and I were Rather Bored. We had accomplished everything we set out to accomplish--I wrote 2 pages of my last (!) dissertation chapter and read 20 (!!!) articles, while Mr. Reads enjoyed the rare moment of an instructor's life: nothing to grade. So around 9:00 p.m., we decided to leave the house in search of action figures.

We drove to two of the Large Mega-Marts in town to look for the latest DC Universe action figures, of which Mr. Reads wants all, and I, of course, want Pup Reads's namesake, Ms. Harley Quinn. Alas, none have reached our Small Town yet, but we are hopeful to find them.

This, of course, made me think of my two latest purchasing dilemmas: To Super Lois, or Not to Super Lois?, and, does This Humble Author deserve a graduation present?

The answers are, I believe, Yes, and No.

That is to say, I cannot justify spending $300 on a Wonder Woman statue, when there is the rent to be paid, and the car to be fixed, and the sofa to purchase, or, at least, consider. Not to mention a new computer and printer for This Humble Author, and, considering the dramatic rise in gas prices, the future inevitability of Better Walking Shoes.

But, Gentle Reader, she is so *gorgeous*. She is So Incredibly Beautiful, I almost cannot stand it. Look at her in full 360 degree turnaround. Have you ever, in all of your life, seen a statue this beautiful? This powerful? The axe, I think, is the nicest touch, a testament to the warrior Wonder Woman is.

Of course, I almost must consider a Possible Trip to the Big Apple to see the upcoming exhibit on Fashion and Superheroes, two things that This Humble Author can say, with great certainty, affect her academic life. O! If only money were happier!

I have decided to take a few hours to myself today, and Friends, I am going to sneak the new Jim Butcher novel, Small Favor, away from Mr. Reads. Although he has priority reading because His Birthday is this coming Friday, and lacking an autographed issue of Grant Morrison's We3, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the anniversary of his birth.


LurkerWithout said...

If that tax rebate thing goes thru maybe you can splurge on expensive statuettes then. Me I've got my eye on that expensive hardback Herbie collection from Dark Horse. That and new tires...

Mana G said...

I can sympathize with your plight. While my darling husband and I take our rapier classes and sigh longingly over new gear, (and a full set apiece so that we no longer have to share), we also have a new water heater to get, a ceiling to repair, (due to damage from the attic-dwelling water heater), and, you know, rent to pay and food to buy.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only person in the world tempted by that exhibit in New York. I have always loved fashion, and I do feel the exhibit would be so useful, as the husband and I are currently making our own superhero comic, (for fun), and I have become obsessed with designing the costumes.