Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mid-Week Musings #2 (on Writing, on Personal Life, etc.)

It has been a Rather Strange Year, Gentle Reader. No, no, I don't mean 2008, as it has just started! As an academic, I determine all of my years by academic time. That is to say, my year begins with the school year, August, and ends with the school year, May. I'm not quite sure where that leaves June and July in my calendar, but you understand my point, no?

I've hinted at--but never revealed--the trials and tribulations of the beginning of the Reads Year. Not because I don't enjoy sharing with you, Most Constant of Readers, but because I feel that Personal Life in Blogging should be a bit like the good seasoning of a meal: for emphasis, for enjoyment, but never heavy-handed. That is, My Personal Life has little if any bearing on my Pop Culture Life, except, of course, when it does. But suffice to say that I had been hit on all sides: professionally, personally, health-wise, life-wise, and I've stood up Stalwart and True for all that.

Now it is true that This Humble Author is, as pointed out, rarely, if ever, Truly Humble. I don't believe in false humility, and I think that women, in particular, often become deferential and subservient in attempt to Make Others Feel Comfortable. I am Most Fond of Making Others Feel Comfortable, but I am always hesitant to resist the simple "thank you" response to a compliment. So, too, do I Freely Admit when Things Are Going Well, the same as I Freely Admit when Things Are Not. If I've cause to complain about a service rendered, then I complain. But if I've cause to praise, I praise. I am a Great Letter Writer and Phone Call Maker, because I believe that feedback, in all its varieties, is a necessary part of life.

A rather presumptuous and lengthy preamble to say that Said Life Difficulties, of all varieties, kept me from performing as wanted and, dare I admit so publicly?, as expected, on my Dissertation. I adore my Dissertation, Gentle Reader. It is enjoyable and exciting and--here is the Lack of Humility--the tiniest bit innovative. But most importantly, it is fun. I love my research, I love what I do, and while sometimes--just sometimes, Friends!--writing feels much like an Uncomfortable Trip to an Eighteenth-Century Dentist, I love writing, too.

Today marks several things, but most interestingly, a dream in which the final outline of this chapter--yes, the one that has plagued me for So Long--presented itself. Mr. Reads went off to work this morning laughing as he anticipated the many calls he would receive during the day as a result of my faith of The Dream Chapter.

Yes, it's true, Friends: I am letting my writing be led by the random misfirings of my sleeping brain.

But having spent already several hours working, an hour of which (so far!) has been spent in the Act Of Writing, I can say With Great Certainty, that the Dream Revealed Chapter is going well for all of that. Also, too, and here is where This Humble Author feels confessional, I am almost weepy with happiness. I am writing again, Gentle Reader, after such a long hiatus. A hiatus full of work, work, work, and even work of the writing and rewriting variety. But here I am producing Something New, and speaking of things Just Discovered, and it is enough to make even the Least Humble of Authors the tiniest bit dizzy.

Looking at the time, Friends, I must confess that my self-appointed "break time" is now over. I believe the next break, somewhere around the Lunch Hour, will be spent in pursuit of a backlog of recent comics. Wish me Happy Writing, Constant Readers!


SallyP said...

Sometimes, you just have to be in the right mood. Or is that the "write" mood? Haw!

Amy Reads said...

Hi Sally,
Sometimes, you just have to be in the right mood. Or is that the "write" mood? Haw!

I believe it is The Write Mood (!), and thank goodness the bug has hit me, and hit me hard this week. I do believe I might actually complete this chapter by week's end (!!).