Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mid-Week Musings #1 (Sarah Connor Chronicles, That "Wonder Woman Thing," etc.)

I don't dare declare (say that ten times fast, Gentle Reader!) that I am beginning a Mid-Week Column—heaven forbid such a commitment, during such a time in my academic life!—but one of my New Year's Resolutions was a deeper commitment to blogging, an activity I Adore and have, unfortunately, let fall by the wayside. Not for lack of love for you, Constant Readers! Oh, No! Rather, I have been Quite Busy, and the Fall Semester was Rather Brutal with its slings, arrows, quests, and trials.

But now a New Year Dawns, and here I am, ready, and eager, to regal you with my opinions-—humble though they might be!-—and ideas. I envision this column—-o, how I hesitate to call it such! rather, this ongoing attempt at semi-regular postings falling roughly somewhere between Tuesdays and Thursdays-—as a brief foray into thoughts regarding My Pop Cultures.

Also, this post marks Arrogant Self-Reliance's 100th blog post at the new address. A celebratory number, yes? Then let us celebrate, Friends, my uncanny ability to speak, ad nauseam, about subjects Near and Dear to my heart--and also, my uncanny ability to enjoy The Sound Of My Own Voice, whether verbal, cyber, or otherwise.

Away then?

1) The Sarah Connor Chronicles – this television show is everything I had hoped for with The Bionic Woman, which failed, utterly, to succeed. The Sarah Connor Chronicles is smart, fun, well-written, well-plotted, and very, very enjoyable. Bonus: Summer Glau.

2) Juno – Lovely, referential (as in, full of smart references for the People of My Humble Generation—-"Thundercats are go!") and just plain witty. It's not often I can call something witty and mean it.

3) Wonder Woman Controversy – Yes, Wonder Woman's creator enjoyed alternative approaches to the fulfillment of the so-called "baser desires." Yes, Wonder Woman was, herself, somewhat influenced by said approaches. Does that mean that the Wonder Woman iconography should be used to sell nothing but sex? Further, how does The Young Lady In Question offer anything that necessitates such a Grandiose Comparison?

4) The Spice Girls – are reuniting, and Portishead has not released a new album in years? My musical faith is crumbling, Gentle Reader. Crumbling.

5) The New Frontier – The Reads Household has pre-ordered DC's DVD of the wonderful novel, The New Frontier, and we are giddy, yes, giddy in anticipation of such a fantastic adventure in animation.


Tamora said...

Second the vote on "Sarah Connor"--all kinds of Win so far. Two strong women and a teenaged boy who doesn't want to be a World Hero but is too independent to sit around all day and whine.

Also, John and Sarah show that heroes come from real people who screw up, miscalculate, trust too much, and still manage to go on to become legends for standing up for those who are seemingly doomed. Hey--if they can do it, maybe other people can!

And I have suspicions about their Terminator's origins. She's a cyborg, not a complete Terminator, for one, and she knows intimate facts about John's childhood. Actually, Tim guessed it out loud first, but I was already wondering!

SallyP said...

Well perhaps I should sit down and watch this show. Lord knows, there isn't much else on!

Congratulations on your 100th blog post!