Sunday, January 27, 2008

Amy Reads the Week (of January 27th, 2008)

I've little for you today, Gentle Reader, as I've just (!) returned from A Trip Across Country. Flying and I mix together as well as, say, Batman and disorder, or Wonder Woman and disregard for tradition. Suffice to say that I am home, finally, and safe for all of that.

I did, however, have several hours in various airports Across The Country, and read the second book in Tasha Alexander's delightful series about Lady Emily Ashton. A Poisoned Season kept me quite comfortable through the long, turbulent hours overhead.

Also, too, did Stephen King's much older novel, The Colorado Kid which Mr. Reads has begged This Humble Author to read for Some Time. I did, and enjoyed it, particularly as it accompanied a rather unexpected--but lovely nonetheless--bump up to first class. This Humble Author must admit that she found herself Not-So-Humble away from hoi polloi, and must agree that five-to-six extra inches of room gives one quite enough space for comfort indeed!

I intend fully to return to comics reading this week, and Gentle Reader, I will keep you apprised of happenings in the Reads Reading World. Until then, I say to you that the world is truly a dimmer place without Mr. Ledger in it, and We Reads mourn the passing of a talented, creative, and bold actor.

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