Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Lineup Week #2

It's been a Very Long Day, Gentle Reader, and Mr. Reads's car, ever the ornery beast, has been Particularly Troublesome the past few days. So much so that We Reads have woken up even earlier than Pup Reads to bring Said Troublesome Car into the shop, the past two days, to the tune of an obscene amount of monies.

That being said, we also have experienced the first half of Week Two of Fall Lineup, and there are some good, some so-so, and some already dropped from the DVR schedule.

The Good
The cream, so far, is Journeyman, which I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did. I've liked Kevin McKidd's work for Some Time Now, ever since watching Dog Soldiers a few years back. This show takes what could be a rather lackluster and familiar plot and turns everything on its head. What's more, I care about my characters, and that's a remarkable thing to accomplish in one pilot! The other surprise contender is Chuck, which again, is much smarter than I expected it would be. That, Friends, makes This Humble Author Very Happy Indeed!

The So-So
I must confess, Gentle Reader, to being a Bit Disappointed in Bionic Woman. The pilot just hasn't wowed me the way I anticipated, and believe me, I've anticipated this show for Quite a While. Too much happened in one episode, and I felt constantly adrift in a show that never allowed me a chance to know and then sympathize with my characters. Now, I fully expect for it to get Better, and I will keep you apprised over the next few weeks.

Dropped from the DVR Schedule
K-Ville, as I mentioned last week, failed to impress or even interest We Reads. I don't know if I can blame this solely on my New Orleans heritage, or on the lackluster writing of the show.

Saved on the DVR
See above regarding Mr. Reads's vehicle, and you then will understand why we haven't had a chance to watch the season premiere of Heroes or Life yet. But as soon as I watch them, Friends, I will Let You Know!

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