Friday, September 14, 2007

Amy Reads the Week (of September 14th, 2007)

Recently, Gentle Reader, Mr. Reads put a copy of Mike Carey’s novel, The Devil You Know into my hands. I read, somewhat greedily, I admit, a tale that despite a few flaws was quite the enjoyable and somewhat Perfect Read. By Perfect Read I mean, of course, that tale that 1) holds interest, 2) makes the reader consider the characters and plot when not actively reading, and 3) is Big Fun.

Mr. Carey’s book is all of those things and more, and because we enjoyed it So Much, We Reads just acquired its sequel, Vicious Circle, from the UK (gratitude, Interlibrary Loan). While reading the sequel, I also am reading several volumes of Hellblazer, available through Our Local Library.

I love the Crossover Writer, Gentle Reader, because I can see how the talent for one art form plays out, and plays out well, in the other. For example, in reading Mr. Carey’s sequel, I noticed his attention to detail, small, almost insignificant things that are the sign not only of a good writer, but a good Comic Book Writer.

Mr. Rucka, too, I enjoy, although I feel his comic book talent is greater than his novel talent, excepting Fistful of Rain, one of This Humble Author’s favorite novels. Also, Mr. Meltzer, and Mr. Gaiman—who better than Mr. Gaiman?—and Ms. Pierce. Some authors I have found comics through my love of their novels, and others, vice versa. But it is all the same, this tight-knit little community in which they exist. Jim Butcher, a writer I find Quite Extraordinary, has not written a comic book, but instead has written a novel about Spider-Man, which is as good if not better than some of the best comic plots out there. Or is it that This Humble Author does not love Spider-Man the way she, say, loves Wonder Woman, but does love Mr. Butcher’s prose style? Perhaps, Friends. Perhaps.

Tomorrow, Mr. Reads and I make our very (!!!) belated pilgrimage to Our Local to pick up what seems to be at least a month’s worth of comics, including the past few months of Minx titles, late in shipment to the store. I put the entire line on My Pull List, as otherwise, I don’t think My Local would carry them. Doing my part, yes, for DC, but also, for the idea of Minx. Wonder Girl out this week, I believe? Forgive me, Friends. It’s been a Rather Difficult And Trying Time in Chez Reads, and I confess that staying on top of my comic book pop culture has fallen to the wayside.

But in a recent review of Confessions of a Blabbermouth, the Onion’s AV Club made note of Mr. Carey’s many, many projects, and I began to realize that he is one of my Unsung Comic Heroes. How many of his projects have I read and adored, and not realized? Re-Gifters, My Faith in Frankie, Hellblazer, God Save the Queen, not to mention Lucifer. As Confessions of a Blabbermouth should be waiting for me at My Local. Rather a Mike Carey-full weekend ahead of me, a welcome respite from the plaguing pressures of Personal and Academic Life, both of which have risen, quite painfully, to the surface of my attention this week.

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