Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Briefest Pop Culture Update

Forgive my brevity, Gentle Reader, but sometimes it is the soul of both wit *and* my access to popular culture. Suffice to say, I have dipped my toe Very Briefly back into my comic book and television world, and I had to share a few thoughts with you.

1) Wonder Woman Fighting Nazis+Gail Simone=One Ecstatic Amy Reads
Gratitude, Kalinara and Newsarama for the solicitous information.

2) Wonder Girl+3 Minx titles+Booster Gold Issue 2/Finally Acquired from Our Local=One Happy Amy Reads
More detailed reviews soon, but Mr. Reads and I finally--finally, Gentle Reader!--managed to pick up our pull list from the past several weeks.

3) Fall lineup+DVR+Office Season 3 DVD set+30 Rock Season 1 DVD set=Comfortable Sloth at Chez Reads
Mr. Reads and I both have been Under The (Proverbial) Weather, and so much television has been watched, and is in preparation for watching. Already removed from the DVR list: K-Ville, which I hope does Very Well, but as a New Orleans Native, I could not sit through for various reasons.

New Jeff Lindsay+new Mike Carey+new Chelsea Cain+Dissertation=One Very (!!!) Busy Ms. Reads!
Huzzah for new releases from favorite writers! Soon We Reads also will own Tamora Pierce and Tim Liebe's White Tiger collection, the new Alice Sebold, and the new Joe Hill, among others.

More detailed reviews soon, Gentle Reader. And that's a promise!

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