Sunday, March 01, 2009

Amy Reads the Week (of March 1, 2009)

A shy little peeking out and a brief return from a Rather Long Hiatus From Blogging, Gentle Reader. I confess that life still continues to get the best of This Humble Author, and the only comic (yes, just the one!) I have been able to read this week is, of course, Wonder Woman, from two issues ago.

Diana's lasso is gone, and my heart breaks for the Amazon Princess. But more importantly, my heart breaks watching the heartbreak of her Amazonian Sisters. Donna's and Cassie's reaction, as sisters, as warriors, as those Next In Line to take up the mantle of the Amazon Princess is a scene that We Gentle Readers would not have seen from Mr. Heinberg, or Ms. Picoult, or even Mr. Rucka. They all focused on different aspects of Wonder Woman, and we would have seen, perhaps, The Wonder, The Humanity, or The Alienness, respectively, from these three writers. But with Ms. Gail Simone, instead, we see bonding, and sisterhood, and steel resolve. We see an Amazonian bond that cannot be broken.

I long to become caught up in comics.

In television popular culture news, I adore, yes, adore, Mr. Whedon's new show, Dollhouse. While the first episode was Rather Shaky, I find that the Whedonesque moments here and there--the head shake at the very end of last week's episode, the Most Dangerous Game-ness of the week before--all offer We Whedon Fans an interesting departure from Buffy, and Firefly, at the same time it offers us the things we love about Mr. Whedon.

More soon, Gentle Reader, but for now, a homemade sugar-free apple cobbler and Flight of the Conchords await this Very Tired, Very Overworked (yet still Humble!) Author, and then, if one can imagine, 10 more papers to grade before bed. Until next time, I bid you adieu.

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