Monday, February 23, 2009

In Which This Humble Author Briefly Peeks Out To Say Hello

I miss comics, Gentle Reader.

I do.

I buy. Mr. Reads buys. I even purchase the delightful Barda action figure, and have the Classic Silk Spectre on order at My Local. We are ready, and desperately so, for the Watchmen movie to open.

I teach comics, in trade, but comics.

But I have not read comics in some time.

That means there is no RIP in my Batman, no Wonder in my Woman, no Secret Six or any other number at all.

I am Rather Busy, certainly. I have been baking, and cooking, all to relieve stress. But I *miss* comics. Palpably. With deep and personal longing.

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, and thus Wednesday begins Lent for this New Orleans Catholic. And while Lent is often a time of denial, it can also be the time of goals and challenges.

So there is this, then, Friends, a challenge, to myself, to Return To Comics, to Return to Blogging, and to remember that despite the busy-ness of life, one must enjoy said life, no?

Until then, Gentle Reader, laissez les bon temps roulez, and Happy Mardi Gras!


aggie_bibliophile said...

I'm so excited you're reading comics and writing again. I've missed Amy Reads.

skullduggery said...

No comic reading at all?
Not a single one?
There has to be a half hour of time somewhere you can tear away for a comic break (well, unless you're working double or triple shifts -- in which case I can understand having difficulty making the time).
If it is just a case of trying to decide what exactly you should read in that miniscule amount of time you can allot and getting locked up in mental debate over that --- I would suggest Terry Moore's Echo. If you can only find the time for one, then you'll get the best bang for the time/buck with that one.

Amy Reads said...

Hi Aggie-Bib,
Thanks! I am glad to be back, as well.

Amy Reads said...

Hi Skullduggery,
Part of the problem, I believe, is that I teach books for a living, so "extra time" spent reading often is spent in preparation for class. Add to that other obligations to my time, and any "extra time" left is spent in front of the television, trying to decompress.
But, I shall Remain Stalwart and Soldier Ahead! First stop, Secret Six and Wonder Woman, of course.