Friday, February 29, 2008

A Very (Very Very!) Brief Review of Wonder Woman #17

Time is short, Gentle Reader, and I've Much To Do today. There is grading, and reading, and writing, yes, always writing on The Dissertation. But I finally (!!!) read Wonder Woman #17 while I finished my coffee this morning, and just wanted to express my joy over Gail Simone's fantastic first story arc. Perhaps it is best summarized as an early Hollywood action flick trailer, no?

Holiday Girls! Children made of clay! Amazonian vendettas! Weapons from the gods! Birthday cake! All color! All talking! No singing! Some dancing, but more of the fighting kind! Diana proves herself again and again! A story for the ages, as it encompasses all ages of the Amazon Princess!

I promise a longer and more respectable review later, Friends, but for now, just gushing admiration, lots of exclamation marks (!!!), and as always, This Humble Author's Humble Plea to DC Comics to allow Ms. Simone to write Wonder Woman as long as she wants.

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SallyP said...

Heaven's to Betsy, it WAS good, wasn't it? And talking albino apes. You can't forget the apes.