Sunday, February 17, 2008

Amy Reads the Week (of February 17th, 2008)

I've had a Rather Enjoyable Couple of Weeks Pop-Culture-Wise, Gentle Reader, as I've read a few great books, begun a great comic series, and watched a few great movies. The new Knight Rider was not part of the "great" equation, as Mr. Reads and I just sat through approximately eight terrible minutes of it. But the movie Rocket Science was fantastic, as were the Holmes on the Range books by Steven Hockensmith. Bonus: has proven to be Quite Fruitful by informing This Humble Author that the third book in the series is due out This Very Week!

The Comeback, the HBO series with Lisa Kudrow, is the Reads Household's fantastic Netflix find, and Ben Affleck's Gone Baby Gone was nothing short of amazing. But the cream of this week proves to be Mike Carey's X-Men collection, Supernova. Kitty Pryde is to Astonishing X-Men as Rogue is to X-Men, even though, as This Humble Author has confessed again and again, she is not a Marvel girl. But I do love my Strong Characters, and the writing Mr. Carey puts forth on Rogue's character diminishes even Emma Frost, a possibility heretofore thought inconceivable.

I do think that word means what I think it means, Gentle Reader, but please, correct me if I'm wrong.

In the meantime, please send Happy Thoughts to Pup Reads, who had one vet visit for a bit of a tummy upset last Wednesday, and is following it up with another visit to the vet this Wednesday for the Much Dreaded Teeth Cleaning. As she will have to be sedated, Wednesday proves to be a Rather Stressful Day for the Non-Canine Reads-Inclined. But it is Dental Hygiene Month, according to our vet, so we will Do Right by our Pup.

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Fanboy said...

Greetings Amy. Hope all is well. So now that we've missed the boat on New X-Men, shall we commit to Young X-Men? Let me know.