Sunday, December 09, 2007

Amy Reads the Week (of December 9th, 2007)

What an exhausting week it has been, Gentle Reader, as the semester, and the fall television season, come to a close. Mr. Reads and I have been Quite Busy with the End of Term, and the end of Filmed Episodes of all of our favorite shows. Only a few more now, and then we shall wait, patiently, for the Networks to give the Writers their due.

But mainly, Netflix--o, beloved Netflix!--brought all four discs of The Wire, Season 4, and Mr. Reads and I have drowned, maddeningly, in the tales of our Baltimore Friends. More on that soon, when I've had the Proper Time to Reflect. But let me do say this: The Wire is just about as Perfect as Television can get.

And we've just returned--just!--from seeing Beowulf in digital 3-D, and I must admit, it was beautiful. The story was perfect, as I'm sure you, Gentle Reader, can imagine, as it was written by two great writers, Mr. Gaiman and Mr. Avary. The pacing, the story, the suspense, the twists, just wonderful, truly. This Humble Author has heard people express their displeasure of the digital effects, and I truly believe that seeing it in 3-D eliminates all of the complaints I've heard about the film. This was a movie made for digital 3-D. I assure you.

Other delights this week have included the final Pirates of the Caribbean movie (with the Delightful Ms. Knightley as The Pirate King), the Futurama movie, and Super Mario Party 8 on the Wii, which does me A Great Disservice as a Gamer, because I apparently cannot role animated dice to save my life, or the life of Daisy. But I outstrip Mr. Reads and our nemeses, Waluigi and Wario, on gold coins, hands down.

It is a rainy sleepy day here in Chez Reads, Friends, and I find myself in need of sustenance in order to continue. But this week promises further delights, as We Reads will go see The Mist (finally!), the Golden Compass, and I Am Legend on Friday, for the Amy Reads Birthday Celebration. What more to ask for in this world than good Indian food and a promising vampire movie? Not much, I say!

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