Monday, December 17, 2007

Amy (Belatedly) Reads the Week (of December 16th, 2007)

I know, I know, Gentle Reader: I am Woefully Behind on my weekly column. But I have little to offer you this week. There is a post In The Works on Ms. Simone's fantastic new issue of Wonder Woman, and I have some enjoyable--and critical--things to say about recent pop culture events, like The Golden Compass, I Am Legend, Life on Mars, finally back on BBC America, Mike Carey's recent Dead Men's Boots (interlibrary loan, How I Adore Thee), etc. etc. ad nauseam.

But rather, I will leave you with Amy Reads' Best of the Year Lists, as soon, the Readses will pack up the car for The Journey Home for the Holidays. Yes, Amy Reads, Mr. Reads, and the intrepid Pup Reads will endure a long car ride home in order to celebrate the holidays with the Reads Family and the Reads-In-Laws. Therefore there is Much Laundry to be done, Lots of Packing, Great Amounts of Housekeeping, and, of course, dissertation planning. I promise to update here and there, but consider this column, belated as it is!, as the last official "Amy Reads the Week" column of 2007.

That being said, let's away to the lists!

Amy Reads' Best of 2007

Best Album
The White Stripes - Icky Thump
runner up: Tegan and Sara - The Con

Best Novel
Joe Hill - Heart-Shaped Box
runner up: Chelsea Cain - Heartsick
runner up: Mike Carey - The Felix Castor series

Best Rediscovered Novel
Edith Wharton - The House of Mirth
runner up: Alan Moore - The Watchmen

Best Movie
The Coen Brothers - No Country for Old Men
runner up: Paul Greengrass - The Bourne Ultimatum (it was loads of fun, Gentle Reader, sincerely)

Best Rediscovered Movie
Brian Percival - North and South (BBC)
runner up:Sam Raimi - Spider-Man II

Best New Television Series
ABC - Pushing Daisies
runner up: NBC - Life

Best Continuing Television Series
NBC - 30 Rock
runner up: CW - Supernatural

Best Comic: DC and Imprints
Gail Simone - Wonder Woman
runner up: Grant Morrison - Batman
runner up: Brian K. Vaughan - Y the Last Man

Best Comic: Marvel
Joss Whedon - Astonishing X-Men
runner up: Brian Michael Bendis - New Avengers
runner up: Joss Whedon - Runaways

Best Comic: Independent
Joss Whedon - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 (Dark Horse)
runner up: Brian Lynch - Angel: After the Fall (IDW)

Any thoughts to add to the mix, Friends?


Fanboy said...

I've been sort of listless lately, not sure what to post about. I think I will follow your lead and do the same type in the next few days. Good list, mostly because it's given me ideas for things I too may want to read/watch/listen to.

Did you ever watch Lone Wolf and Cub, btw?

Hope you had a great birthday.

Dark Orpheus said...

I am with you on the Best Album of this year. Love Icky Thump. Love The Con.

I have a few movies and DVDs to catch up with, I see.