Saturday, March 22, 2008

Amy Reads the Week Early! (of March 23rd, 2008)

Happy Easter, Gentle Reader, from the Reads Household! Or just Happy Sunday, Happy Near Spring Solstice, or however else you choose to (or choose not to) celebrate. The Parents Reads are in town for the festivities, which, for New Orleans Catholics such as The Reads, this Easter weekend involves eating, eating, and yes, more eating. That is to say, Dad Reads and Mom Reads have been enjoying the fine cooking of This Humble Author. Tomorrow, however, We Reads enjoy the fine cooking of a Very Fine Establishment here in Readsville, as we celebrate spending time as a family, despite living states apart.

Mr. Reads and Dad Reads, however, have the Not-A-'Flu that Struck Down This Humble Author a few weeks back, so I confess that I have tried to take care of them so that they can enjoy a bit of together-time with us all. I am not the most Patient of Nurses, so please, Gentle Reader, wish me luck!

Unfortunately because of recent health issues, this is the First Easter during which I am unable to consume sweets with former abandon, and I am dying, Friends, for Elmer's strawberry heavenly hash eggs and my beloved Cadbury mini-eggs (not to mention the ever-fabulous Cadbury double decker bar!!!). So please, Gentle Readers, consume, for Queen, for Country, and for your Friendly Neighborhood Feminist Comic Blogger.

In celebration of the official arrival of spring, We Reads did purchase some new plants, and this year, we will attempt to grow chocolate beauty and poblano peppers, grape tomatoes, hanging rosemary, and mint. Our garden salsa pepper plant from last year just Will Not Die, but our Cuban oregano, unfortunately, seems to have gone to the Large Backyard Garden in the Sky. Any gardening tips, Friends?

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