Sunday, November 25, 2007

Amy Reads the Week (of November 25th, 2007)

It’s frightfully early, Gentle Reader, and Mr. and Pup Reads are still abed. Perhaps it is because This Humble Author found herself turning in almost too early on the last night of Thanksgiving break. We Reads finished Jericho (wonderful!) and have started the second season of Supernatural. About halfway through the third disc, around 10:45, I found myself dozing on the couch and not giving the Winchester boys My Full Attention. I was chastised by Mr. Reads and sent to dreamland, forthwith.

Today, Mr. Reads and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary with brunch at Our Local Fancy Restaurant and a trip to see Stephen King’s The Mist. It is rather cold and rainy here in Land Reads, which is perfect weather for those of us Reads-Inclined (well, perhaps Pup Reads finds it a Bit Annoying). Mr. Reads and I truly believe that we should live someplace that is cold and rainy all the time, like Scotland, or the Pacific Northwest. If only the job market would comply!

More reviews soon, Gentle Reader, as I have fulfilled my promise to Catch Up on my Comics Pop Culture. But until then, enjoy the rest of your holiday!


SallyP said...

My goodness, Happy Anniversary!

Fanboy said...

Happy Anniverserary you crazy, whacked out kids.