Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Public Service Announcement

I switched over to the new blogger a few days ago, Gentle Reader, and last night, I updated my layouts. All I can say is that I am Very, Very Frustrated by the changes. I've lost code, links, my counter (which, even after reinstating, still seems to be a bit wonky), and frankly, my patience. This is your friendly neighborhood Public Service Announcement, asking you to bear with me, and let me know if links are broken, posts are strange, or anything seems, well, off.

Besides the new font. I just can't get into this.


Sarah said...

Once you get all your stuff back in order, you'll like the new blogger. It's just a pain to switch over. Call me if you have questions, as I've done this with my two blogs already. Maybe I can get you through the headaches faster.

Sarah said...

P.S. Your post showed up in Google Reader, so your site feed is working.

Amy Reads said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the words of encouragement! I was so frustrated about the counter thing, because mainly, I just like to use plain ole HTML. I hate it when sites try to "simplify" things for me, and it ends up causing me more problems than the 2 seconds of coding would.
I'm old school, I guess ;)