Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back from Suffragette City

It's been Some Time, Gentle Reader, and I apologize for such a lengthy delay in posting! But I've been away, far away, all the way across the Pond away, and I was much too busy researching in the archives to be of much use to you, anyhow. As the title suggests, my archiving was of the Votes For Women variety, and among other, fascinating things, I examined Many Things Militant, including Suffragette prison letters.

As for the new address, greetings from amyreading.blogspot.com! After a brief pondering, I decided to keep the old ettacandy address active, at least for the next few months, as some of you Dear Readers were kind enough to link and archive some of my older posts, as well as comment on my thoughts, and I am loathe to lose those things. Some of you have asked Why The Move, and really, I must confess no real drama, but just a small, selfish desire to claim A Space Of My Own. This blog has changed since I first conceived of it many months ago, and its audience has changed as well. There is one, for starters! But further, I also want to redefine the purpose of this blog. It shall remain a space for All Things Pop Culture, with, as always, a specific focus on feminist readings of comics, movies, television, and books. But some new, exciting things are underway, including a weekly column, more consistent comic reviews, and other surprises here and there.

As always, thanks for reading, and check back over the next several hours for reviews, as

2 10-hour plane rides
$150 in Barnes and Noble Gift Certificates for Christmas
Many trade paperbacks bought and read, including Invincible Iron Man, House of M, and New Avengers.

And, of course, let's not forget 3 weeks of backlog at My Local, to be picked up as soon as the Southern Ice Storm (!!!) is over.

From This Humble Author's First Official Snow Day, I wish you warmth, hot chocolate, and a wealth of comics to read.

Well, at least, that's how I'm planning to spend *my* day.


Loren said...

Yay! You're back! Welcome back and welcome to your new home! I have now unsubscribed to ettacandy and subscribed to amyreading!

Fanboy said...

Welcome back Amy. I just got back online yesterday from a long laptop induced absence. Glad to hear that you had a nice trip. I am thinking of revamping my blog too, so I can't wait to see what you do.